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Board of Trustees

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Mr. William Grosscup,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Mrs. April Daubenspeck,

Mrs. Rachel Hock,



Ms. Clara Fletcher,




Snow and Snow Removal Information

The recent major snow storm on February 13, 2007 prompted the board to inform the residents on how snow is removed at Sycamore Creek and the cost of its removal. Snow removal starts after the accumulation has stopped and the snowfall has reached at least 2 inches. We generally have three crews working on snow removal. One crew is with a truck to push the snow from the main drives. The second crew has a snow blower clearing the main sidewalks along Sanzon and Zink roads. A third crew is with shovels clearing the areas in front of the garages and the sidewalks leading to the front doors as well as applying salt to all areas. The entire clearing process for a normal snowfall takes about six hours.

A heavy storm with ice such as on February 13, 2007 it has taken over twelve hours. We strive to make snow removal transparent to the owners/residents. But when a major storm hits, this is not always possible. We ask for your patience and understanding. Any vehicle parked in a turn-a-round causes delays as there is nowhere to dump the snow. Vehicles parked in front of garages results in those areas not being completely cleared.

Snow removal information is usually posted on our SCHOA website to inform our residents when the crews will be coming to our complex, status of removal and any cancellations such as meetings. Please check our website often when there is a major snow storm. If the crews miss your area, please call the office or send an email.

Lastly, a normal snow removal with salt application costs the association nearly $3,000.00. A major storm like the one on February 13th costs over $5,000.00. Our annual snow removal budget is $10,000.00. We strive to use this money wisely.



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