Sycamore Creek HomeOwners Association (SCHOA), Inc.      
A Planned Unit Development (PUD).     

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Board of Trustees

Mr. William Ziegler,

Mr. Hobert Hall,
   Vice President

Mrs. Judy Halsall,

Mrs Maggie Perry,

Ms. Pat Zimmerman,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Mr. Leonard Davis,



Mr. Bob Halsall,

Ms. Clara Fletcher,

Mr. George Workman,

Mr. Dana Gang,

Mr. Thong Tran,

Mr. Lee Shellhouse,
   Concrete Repair









Social Activities

All Committee chairers and members are appointed by the president with the advise and consent of the board.  All residents (owners and renters) are welcome to volunteer.  Please contact our association managers for an open position.



Campus Maintenance

Any exterior building problems can be reported by calling our association managers (937.426.8960) or contact via the Contact Us webpage.

The association generally takes care of everything outside, with the exception of homeowner negligence, patios, doors, heat pumps, glass surfaces, outside water taps and lines, and windows. Termite inspection, lawn maintenance including fertilizer, trimming, edging, tree and bush pruning, and snow removal are accomplished by a professional maintenance company under contract to your association.

Concrete repairs will be accomplished with as little disturbance as possible to the occupants in units next to where repairs are being done. Please understand however that some inconvenience will experience during this repair work. Concrete repairs are usually accomplished during late summer.

Click here for the list of Dos and Don'ts at SCHOA.


Our maintenance manager is available for personal service  inside and around your unit at a cost charge to you, please contact our association managers to schedule an appointment.


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