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Board of Trustees

Mr. Dana Gang,

Mrs. Judy Halsall,
   Vice President

Mr. Lenny Davis,

Mr. William Grosscup,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Mrs. April Daubenspeck,

Mrs. Rachel Hock,



Ms. Clara Fletcher,




Parking Policy

The enforcement of parking rules in this development has been held in abeyance until its legality could be determined. Discussions with the offices of the Fairborn City Prosecutor and the Chief of Police, have validated that the parking policy of this association is enforceable. Therefore, in compliance with the Declaration of Covenants of this association, any vehicle not parked in accordance with the rules of this association is subject to towing at the owners expense. For your information, the rules are reiterated:

No vehicle will be parked in front of the club house or recreation facilities for overnight or a long-term period unless the vehicle owner has business at the club house or recreational facilities.

Only two parking spaces are provided for each unit. In the garage, and in the driveway immediately adjacent to the garage. Any requirement to park more than the permitted 2 vehicles will require the use of Sanzon Drive (a public street and enforce by the city of Fairborn).

There should not be any overnight or long-term parking permitted in any turn-around area. Except on the parking pad located adjacent to and to the north of Unit 1467.

There will be no deviations to this policy other than service persons (such as MediaOne, DP&L, Ameritech, Delivery vehicles, Moving vans, etc.), and for temporary loading and unloading of private vehicles for a short period.

No parking on any grass. Immediate towing enforced! No warning!

Habitual offenders will be targeted!

Remember. We are not policemen! We cannot catch every violation every time! We are trying to be flexible and reasonable.  We are not trying to harass anyone, however, either we follow the rules or we let the development deteriorate and the price of our unit to go down!

PLEASE NOTE: Vehicle towing costs the owner of the vehicle $120.00 plus $15.00 per day in storage fees.


Latest Parking Revision (as of 02/03/2004), Click here to view


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