Sycamore Creek HomeOwners Association (SCHOA), Inc.      
A Planned Unit Development (PUD).     

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Board of Trustees

Mr. Dana Gang,

Mrs. Judy Halsall,
   Vice President

Mr. Lenny Davis,

Mr. William Grosscup,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Mrs. April Daubenspeck,

Mrs. Rachel Hock,



Ms. Clara Fletcher,



The most current SCHOA meeting minutes are available by clicking below. Minutes for previous years are available by contacting the Association Manager.

2019 Monthly Minutes Board Meeting (pdf format)

March 2019 SCHOA Board Meeting

March 2019 SCHOA Annual Meeting

February 2019 SCHOA Board Meeting

2018 Monthly Minutes Board Meeting (pdf format)

December 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

October 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

September 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

August 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

June 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

April 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

March 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

March 2018 Annual Meeting

Feburary 2018 SCHOA Board Meeting

2017 Monthly Minutes Board Meeting (pdf format)

December 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

October 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

August 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

June 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

April 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

March 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

March 2017 Annual Meeting

January 2017 SCHOA Board Meeting

2016 Monthly Minutes Board Meeting (pdf format)

November 2016 SCHOA Board Meeting

October 2016 SCHOA Board Meeting

August 2016 SCHOA Board Meeting

June 2016 SCHOA Board Meeting

April 2016 SCHOA Board Meeting1

2015 Monthly Minutes Board Meeting (pdf format)

June meeting

July Meeting

October Meeting



NOTE: . The 2019 Board Meeting Date: February 5, March 5 Annual Meeting, May 7, July 2, September 3, December 3. All are welcome to attend.

Homeowners fees are $165 and due on the first of every month. Please make sure your checks payable to SCHOA. You can deposit it in the clubhouse drop box, or mail to SCHOA, 1450 Sanzon Drive, Fairborn, OH 45324.

Note: Please remember it takes time for our snow removal crew to come out and in the contract it is stated they only come out when it is 2 1/2 in. or more.




Annual Meeting is the first Tuesday in March of every year at 7:00pm. All homeowners and proxy representatives should attend this meeting. We need at least 51% of homeowners/proxies for the meeting.


Please contact our association manager about SCHOA insurance claims. Do not contact SCHOA insurance carrier yourself.