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Board of Trustees

Mr. Dana Gang,

Mrs. Judy Halsall,
   Vice President

Mr. Lenny Davis,

Mr. William Grosscup,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Mrs. April Daubenspeck,

Mrs. Rachel Hock,



Ms. Clara Fletcher,




Past Due Homeowner Account Policy (Effective Date: July 1, 1997)

1. All annual, special and periodic assessments are due on the first of the month. Annual assessments are payable on a schedule of 1/12 per month.

2. There will be a ten-day grace period granted to all Homeowners with accounts in good standing as of the first of each month. A Homeowner’s account is in good standing if all assessed levies are received on or before the tenth of the previous month. If payment is not received by the tenth of the previous month, the account is Past Due.

3. SCHOA will assess 1.5% per month interest (18% per year) compounded daily on all Past Due accounts until such accounts are paid in full.

4. Interest will accrue as of the first of the month on any account that is Past Due.

5. In order to bring a Past Due account current, the Homeowner will be required to pay the following:
    A.  All SCHOA fees owed to date 
    B.  All associated court costs, if any 
    C.  All associated collection agency costs, if any
    D.  Reasonable Attorney’s fees expended, if any 
    E.  Other related collection costs, including, but not limited to:
      - Postage
      - All fees and expenses incurred to secure the attendance of Board Members and other personnel required to testify in Court.

Interest, on the preceding sums at the rate of 1.5% per month from the time such fees are incurred (5B-E) or due (5A), compounded and continuing as described in Paragraph 3.

Please contact our association managers to work out a payment plan and any other questions that you may have about your past due account.


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