Sycamore Creek HomeOwners Association (SCHOA), Inc.      
A Planned Unit Development (PUD).     

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Board of Trustees

Mr. Dana Gang,

Ms. Takisha Martin,
   Vice President

Mr. Lenny Davis,

Ms. Christine O'Dell,

Mrs. Judy Halsall,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Ms. April Arnold,



Ms. Clara Fletcher,

Mr. George Workman,

Mr. Dana Gang,

Mr. Thong Tran,

Mr. Lee Shellhouse,
   Concrete Repair









Social Activities

All Committee chairers and members are appointed by the president with the advise and consent of the board.  All residents (owners and renters) are welcome to volunteer.  Please contact our association managers for an open position.



Welcome to Sycamore Creek!

"Welcome to the Sycamore Creek Homeowners' Association (SCHOA) internet site. This is our attempt to bring SCHOA into the information superhighway. The website was created as a service to the homeowners at SCHOA. This website is a work in progress and any feedback from visitor will be treated with the utmost important and appreciation."

Dana Gang, President of the Board of Trustees

SCHOA History
SCHOA was established with the development of Sycamore Creek Condominiums by Tom Peebles beginning the last part of 1982. The first owners moved in approximately February 1983. The project construction duration was about 2 1/2 years and sets on approximately 11 acres. Sycamore Creek Condominiums is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and consists of twenty-five four-plex building (88 Sycamore and 12 Capri units), a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, and half basketball court. For more information, please go to "A Guide To Your Neighborhood" webpage.

SCHOA Board of Trustees
The Board is made up of seven volunteer homeowners voted by the homeowners at the annual association meeting. As expired board position occur new members continually need to become familiar with functions so the vacancies can adequately be filled. Board meetings are conducted the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. If the first Tuesday is a holiday, the meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. The annual association meeting is held on the first Tuesday of January each year at 7:00 p.m.

All owners are encouraged to attend. Renters are not eligible to serve on the Board or partake in voting but are welcome to attend the meetings. For more information, see SCHOA Declaration of Covenants, and/or you may ask for a copy of the SCHOA By-Laws from SCHOA Association Manager (937.426.8960) or download from our web site under the SCHOA Information Request web page

SCHOA Campus
The campus is in Fairborn, Ohio, USA, a Greene County community in Ohio.  It is centrally located next to Wright State University, Meijer superstore, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the Fairfield Common mall in Beavercreek, and The Greene outdoor mall in Beavercrek/Kettering areas. For more information about Fairborn and Surrounding Areas, click here.   Otherwise, click the links below to see what our campus looks like:

View The Campus

  • SCHOA Top Sky View
  • SCHOA Top Sky View Closeup
  • Entering The Complex From The North Of Zink Rd.
  • Entering The Complex From The South Of Zink Rd.
  • Front of Sanzon Drive To SCHOA From Zink Rd.
  • SCHOA Main Entrance
  • Driveway From Sanzon Drive To Cu-de-sac North Side Of SCHOA
  • Driveway From Sanzon Drive To Cu-de-sac South Side Of SCHOA
  • View Toward The End Of Sanzon Drive
  • View From End Of Sanzon Drive
  • View From The Back of SCHOA South Side Next To Sycamore Creek 2
  • Typical Condo At SCHOA

    View The Clubhouse (See Clubhouse Reservation policy)
  • View From Outside And Inside Of The Clubhouse

    View The Pool
    (See Recreational policy)
  • Inside And Outside Of The Pool

    View Other SCHOA Amenities
  • The Basketball Court
  • The Front Tennis Court
  • The Back Tennis Court

    View SCHOA Parks
  • The SCHOA Quite Area
  • The SCHOA Arboretum
  • The SCHOA Pooh Corner At End Of Sanzon Drive (where owners take their pets to do their businesses)
  • Another View of Poop Corner (Please remember: your pets must be registered with the city of Fairborn and your dog(s) must be on leash to comply with Fairborn's ordinance)



    NOTE: . The 2016 SCHOA Annual Meeting will be the first Tuesday in March at the clubhouse at 7:00pm US EST. The next regular monthly board meeting is Feb. 2 at 7:00pm.

    In Memoriam

    Robert J. Halsall
    Long time resident, past president of the condo and former association manager who had dedicated himself to make SCHOA a beautiful place to live.

    Please Note:  our condo fees is now $145 beginning January 1, 2012 and is due the first of each month. Please make check payable to SCHOA, you can deposit the check in the mailbox at the clubhouse or send your check to: SCHOA, 1450 Sanzon Drive, Fairborn, OH 45324. 

    Note: Please remember it takes time for our snow removal crew to come out and in the contract it is stated they only come out when it is 2 1/2 in. or more.




    Click here for the list of Dos and Don'ts at SCHOA.


    Regular Monthly Board Meeting is the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm. All residents are welcome to attend.


    Annual Meeting is the first Tuesday in March of every year at 7:00pm. All homeowners and proxy representatives should attend this meeting. We need at least 51% of homeowners/proxies for the meeting.


    Please contact our association manager about SCHOA insurance claims. Do not contact SCHOA insurance carrier yourself.


    Please contact association manager before doing any work outside of your unit. Remember, the association owns the outside of your unit and you must get permission from the Board of Trustees for any enhancement or modification outside your unit.


    Our maintenance manager is available for personal maintenance inside and around your unit at a cost charge to you, please contact our association managers to schedule an appointment.


    A no concealed weapon carry policy has been established for the association clubhouse and recreation areas. The Board of Trustees and the managers reserved the right to call the police and ask any person with a concealed weapon to leave the Clubhouse and recreation areas. Criminal charges may be filed.


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