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Board of Trustees

Mr. Dana Gang,

Ms. Takisha Martin,
   Vice President

Mr. Lenny Davis,

Ms. Christine O'Dell,

Mrs. Judy Halsall,

Mr. Ron Nischwitz,

Ms. April Arnold,



Ms. Clara Fletcher,

Mr. George Workman,

Mr. Dana Gang,

Mr. Thong Tran,

Mr. Lee Shellhouse,
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All Committee chairers and members are appointed by the president with the advise and consent of the board.  All residents (owners and renters) are welcome to volunteer.  Please contact our association managers for an open position.



Guide To Your Neighborhood

There have been many newcomers to Sycamore Creek since 1991 when the "Guide To Your Neighborhood" was developed and distributed to the owners and resident's. In addition to new residents, there have been several changes to our policies over the last year that are incorporated in this updated issue. The Board of Trustees extends our welcome to all of you that are new to our community. Since some resident's are more informed concerning association policies than others; the Board is taking this opportunity to update the "Guide to Your Neighborhood" with those topics and policies that should be of the most interest and use to you. It will be helpful to retain this document for future reference. Remember, this is only a summary - you should review your by-laws and Declarations for complete information regarding your association rights and responsibilities.

HISTORY - Sycamore Creek Homeowners' Association (SCHOA) was established with the development of Sycamore Creek Condominiums by Tom Peebles beginning the last part of 1982. The first owners moved in approximately February 1983. The project construction duration was about 2 1/2 years and sets on approximately 11 acres. Sycamore Creek Condominiums is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and consists of twenty-five four-plex buildings (88 Sycamore and 12 Capri units), a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, and half basketball court. In the beginning the Board members managed all of the day-to-day administrative duties of the Association; this became very time consuming especially considering all the Trustees held other full-time jobs and many careers also require travel. Professional management company interviews were conducted and bids received. After extensive comparative research was completed, an independent person was hired in 1986. This arrangement has worked out well. However, in the fall of 1991, the Association Manager resigned. The Board of Trustees elected to run the day-to-day affairs of the association again during the winter months (the slow season) to see first hand just what duties needed to be done. A lot was learned. A new job description was prepared to include all office functions. Pool maintenance during the summer season, common area watering, and minor repairs are handled by separate contracts.  The SCHOA office phone number is (937) 426-8960. Please call this number to reach the Association Manager.

BOARD MEETINGS - Board meetings are conducted the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse. If the first Tuesday is a holiday, the meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. The annual association meeting is held on the first Tuesday of January of each year at 7:00 PM. All owners are encouraged to attend. Renters are not eligible to serve on the Board or partake in voting but are welcome to attend the meetings. The first item on the agenda is Homeowner and Resident concerns; open to the floor for any residents' discussion. Immediately following, the Board conducts the business meeting.

As expired board positions occur new members continually need to become familiar with functions so the vacancies can adequately be filled. We hope you realize your continued professional participation and support are required to maintain the credibility and ensure the financial stability we as a team of 100 are today enjoying and desire to preserve for the future. The Board is made up of seven volunteer homeowners, just like you. Be supportive and considerate of your association. Your efforts will be greatly satisfied in return for the few hours needed each month.

BY-LAWS AND DECLARATIONS OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS - It is the responsibility of the selling homeowner to supply the new purchaser with their documents as it is the landlord to renter. If you require another set, they can be obtained from the Association Manager or any Trustee. Each resident is encouraged to become familiar with these documents. Most of your questions can be sufficiently answered by reviewing these legal documents. Remember, the declarations, by-laws and architecture standards of this association are enforced. Violations will be brought to your attention and you will be expected to comply. Copies of all letters sent to renters will be provided to the unit owner. The standards are for your protection and assurance that the value of your investment will be held at the highest the market will yield.

ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS: The basic rule to remember is that per your by-laws and declarations you cannot do anything to the outside of your unit unless it is approved by the Association. Any change, addition, modification to the exterior requires an Architectural form completed in detail and presented to the board of trustees. The forms may be dropped off at the clubhouse mail slot.. The board of trustees will make a determination on your request and advise you of the results. No changes can take place until the board has provided you with an approval.

There are eight (8) pre-approved owner-added improvements for SCHOA. (see attachment) These still require the completion and processing of your form for association records. The purpose of the architectural standards is to maintain YOUR property value along with your 99 neighbors'. Extensive research and questionnaire data were compiled before the board arrived at the current standards. Also, note that seasonal decorations, e.g., Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights, etc., are allowed to be displayed as long as they are not attached to the exterior of the building by nails, screws or other similar means. Use nylon fishing line to attached wreaths from the inside of your door or use commercially available hangers that slip over the top of the door. Christmas lights are allowed for display outside of your unit during the Christmas season only. All outside decorations must be removed by 15 Jan. Nothing should be attached to building exteriors, or common areas.

TELL US - If you've sold or rented your unit. Please contact the Association Manager so the associations' mailing list, files and bookkeeping records can be updated with your revised information. If a new owner or renter desires to be briefed on SCHOA policies, etc., please contact the Association Manager who will either answer your questions or set up an appointment with a trustee.

MAINTENANCE - Any exterior building problems can be reported by calling the Association Manager during the office hours, or by leaving your message on the answering machine (426-8960). The association generally takes care of everything outside, with the exception of homeowner negligence, patios, doors, heat pumps, glass surfaces, outside water taps and lines, and windows. Lawn maintenance including fertilizer, trimming, edging, tree and bush pruning, and snow removal are accomplished by a professional maintenance company under contract to your association. Concrete repairs are accomplished each year as necessary by a professional concrete company under contract to your association. Concrete repairs will be accomplished with as little disturbance as possible to the occupants in units next to where repairs are being done. Please understand however that some inconvenience will be experienced during this repair work. Concrete repairs are usually accomplished during late summer.

DOLLARS AND SENSE - The associations' financial books and records are open to any homeowner who wishes to review them simply by leaving a message with the Association Manager, answering machine, or by contacting the Treasurer. The Treasurer will make an appointment with you at a time convenient to you both so that you may look over the records of the association. While the records of the association are open to inspection by unit owners, records pertaining to individual units, other than your own, will not be made available in the interest of maintaining confidentiality for all owners and residents. Remember, your $125.00 association dues is due by the FIRST of each month. The clubhouse mailing address is 1450 Sanzon Drive, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. If it is more convenient, you can drop your check off in the mail slot to the right of the clubhouse door. Homeowners who are in arrears on their association dues are subject to having a lien placed against their unit and having their use of common areas (pool, tennis or basket ball courts, etc.) suspended by the board of trustees.

INSURANCE - The blanket association structure insurance coverage (including earthquake insurance) which is paid through your monthly dues is with the association's insurance company. Any questions regarding insurance should be directed to the association manager. From time-to-time your mortgage company may request a copy of your insurance coverage. Should this happen to you, contact the association manager who will see that your mortgage company gets a copy of the current policy (a small service fees may be charged to the homeonwer). Remember, all claims against the association coverage must be processed through the association manager and the board of trustees. Only the association manager and an officer of the board may file a claim against the association policy. The association's  insurance company will be instructed to stop action on any claim processed directly by the unit owner or renter. You can obtain your "Condo Unit Owners Policy" through the insurance carrier of your choice; please review your coverage periodically to make sure you are adequately covered.

PROPERTY TAXES - The property taxes paid by SCHOA for the common area is deductible from your income taxes on a pro rata basis. Each year you will be advised of your share through a news letter. If you require this information before we can get it to you, call the Association Manager for assistance.

LESSEES & LESSORS - No unit or any part thereof shall be rented or used for transient or hotel purposes. If an owner desires to lease his or her unit, a ONE-YEAR MINIMUM lease is required and it MUST be provided that the tenant agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the association. However, the unit owner is still responsible for their tenants! The owner shall supply the association with a copy of the Lease Agreement PRIOR to the commencement of such lease term and advise at the same time owners' new address for revising the mailing list, files, and bookkeeping records. If the unit is being managed by a professional real estate broker, they too must be familiar with SCHOA by-laws, declarations and architectural standards.

If you do rent your unit, please consider leaving your PROXY (for voting purposes in your absence) to another resident or a trustee. This enables us to constitute a quorum (51%) when otherwise it may not be possible because of out-of-town owners, etc.. If you are unable to attend an annual meeting for any reason, please give your PROXY to someone. The PROXY must be submitted on the attached form. Please be sure to fill in all blank spaces and sign your name. The PROXY must be filed with the association Secretary. The PROXY will stay active until changed by the unit owner.

LAWN WATERING POLICY - Many of your dollars are spent each year to maintain the common areas of Sycamore Creek. During the summer months all residents are requested to help provide water for the grass adjacent to their units. Watering will be accomplished by the association as needed in severe conditions. However, we need to use your water taps to make this happen. All residents are encouraged to water the grass next to your unit to help keep the area green and attractive. At the end of the summer watering season, you can submit a copy of your paid water bills to the association. For one (1) person - SCHOA reimburses you anything over $15.00 per month . . .Two (2) people over $25.00. . .three (3) or more people over $35.00. The trash removal charge applied to your water bill is still the residents responsibility. Summer months are considered to be May through October inclusive. A form is available from the clubhouse office for your use in letting us know if we can use your water tap. Only those residents having a completed water use form on file will be permitted the reimbursement. This is really a good deal as you are generally reimbursed more than you actually spend on watering.

ABOUT YOUR HEAT PUMP - It is very important that you change or clean your furnace filter monthly!!! This small but important task, if ignored, will eventually cause you a much greater expense than the cost of the filter. If you want to purchase one contact the Association Manager to make sure a correct one is properly installed for your unit. The filter can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes for as little as $6.  Many service calls are the result of simply the filters. (Note: an incorrect filter could be sucked up into the system).

If you have never owned a home before with a heat pump or are not familiar with the system please read the heat pump information attached to this guide. Heat pump system professionals recommend preventative checks one or twice a year. A separate information sheet on heat pumps is attached for your information that covers this issue in greater detail.

IF YOU LEAVE IT OPEN - Prolonged open over-head garage doors in the extreme winter cold temperatures have previously resulted in burst plumbing lines causing water damage. Remember to close your garage door when not in use. Water damage caused from a broken water pipe is the unit owners' responsibility!

FOR SALE and FOR RENT SIGNS - Only ONE sign is allowed for display from inside the window of your unit or ONE metal sign placed in the shrubbery area between the garage door and the front door of your unit. Signs are not permitted in the grass areas of this development. Any improperly placed sign will be removed from the property.

POOL POLICY -Hours are from DAWN to DUSK, no glass containers are allowed inside the pool area, no life guard is on duty, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, no diving, no running, guest must be accompanied by the resident, no access to the clubhouse is allowed from the pool area, a pay telephone is located inside the pool area (no coins are needed for 911 emergencies), each unit owner is issued a pool gate key - keep the gate closed at all times. Make a resident use his or her key for entry. Many times residents of the neighboring apartments try to use our facilities. You pay for the upkeep of the pool. Keep it to ourselves! The pool falls under the control of the Greene County Department of Health. The County inspector can make a no-notice inspection at any time. If the pool fails to pass the inspection, the pool can be closed by the County. A simple thing like an open gate can cause the pool to fail such an inspection.

CLUBHOUSE - Contact the Association Manager for making your reservations. A written agreement is required along with a non-refundable rental fees of $25 and a deposit of $100.00; $100.00 will be returned to the resident provided there is no damage and no cleaning is required. If the clubhouse is not cleaned, at least $35.00 will be withheld to cover normal cleaning expenses. You are responsible for taking away your own trash and cleaning the fireplace if used. (you can clean the fireplace the next MORNING to prevent causing a fire). You may recover your full deposit if you elect to do your own cleaning. Should you decide to do your own cleaning, the cleaning must be done before you vacate the building at the end of your function so that it is ready for the next user. The clubhouse will be inspected after all uses to determine condition and completeness of cleaning. The maximum allowed number of persons in the clubhouse per city of Fairborn code is 49. Remember, the use of the clubhouse does not include the pool area. All guest must remain inside the clubhouse at all times. Smoking is permitted outside the clubhouse only, please use the front entrance for smoking. and please clean up all cigarette butts! The clubhouse patio doors will remain closed at all times except in case of an emergency. These doors are not for pool access. When you reserve the clubhouse you do not reserve the pool. The pool is for the benefit of all residents. The clubhouse may only be used by a unit owner or authorized tenant and they must be present for the duration of their function. The unit owner/renter is responsible for the conduct of all his or her guests and will be responsible for their actions.

MAIL BOXES - If you have any problem with your mail box or keys please contact the Fairborn Post Office; these are government property, not associations'. Also, the large parcel boxes next to the smaller mail boxes allow the mailman to leave packages that won't fit in your mail box. He'll simply leave a key inside your mail box, this key will fit the large parcel box. The key will than not be able to be removed from the parcel box.

TRASH COLLECTION - Trash is collected each Monday by the City of Fairborn who has a contract with a private collection company. Recycle bins are provided by the trash company for use in recycling if you so choose to do that. Trash containers and recycle bins must be kept inside (i.e. garage, closed in patio, etc.). Trash and recycle containers can only be placed outside the unit during the period from Sunday evening thorough Monday evening. (Monday through Tuesday if there is a holiday that week) Any trash or recycle container found outside other than during those times will be collected by the association and properly disposed of. Lets all work together to keep Sycamore Creek an attractive place to live. If you will not be home to place your trash out on Sunday evening, or early Monday morning, ask your neighbor to assist you that week.

USE OF UNITS - All of the units within Sycamore Creek are for residential use only. NO unit may be used for the conducting of a business. Such use is in violation of both the declaration and City of Fairborn and Greene County zoning laws.

PARKING - Parking is allowed on both sides of Sanzon (City Street). Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not block association driveways. Also, do not park your car on any portion of grassed area. Remember, you are responsible for your guests! Any vehicle left in a condition that gives the appearance that it has been abandoned will be towed at the owners expense. No vehicle should be parked at the clubhouse except for clubhouse business. i.e. no overnight parking (except for snow emergency). The basic rule is: each unit has two (2) parking places. One is inside the garage; the other is directly in front of the garage. Any other vehicle is subject to being towed at owners' expense.

FACE LIFTS - The wood trim, doors, and patio fences are painted periodically by the association. We will do our best to notify you in advance so that you can make appropriate preparations. When garage doors are painted, it is common for them to stick. You may have to unstick them before your garage door opener will operate correctly.

ANIMALS - No unit can have in excess of two (2) animals. No animal shall be permitted in any portion of the Common area, except by a leash maintained by a responsible person. That means that no animal is to be tied outside with access to the lawn areas. The person responsible for the animal is also responsible for any damage or mess left by the animal. This means that when an animal dumps on the lawn, the owner of that animal must clean up the animals mess. Persons found to be in violation are subject to having their right to maintain an animal terminated by the board of trustees. Please be considerate of your neighbors. You are responsible for cleaning up immediately after your animal relieves itself in any area except for the far portion of "Pooh Corner". This is the east end of Sanzon at the rear of the retention basin. Any damage caused by your animal is the owners financial responsibility, e.g., sod or bush replacement, damage, etc. Pets are not permitted to run at large within the City of Fairborn. Sycamore Creek is in the city limits of Fairborn. Any pets found at large will be impounded and the owner is responsible for any City of Fairborn charges required to obtain the pets' release. Calls to the city office concerning animals will be relayed to the animal control person. If the owner is known, calls should be directed to the Police Department. County dog licenses are required for all dogs. Remember, no animal can be breed for commercial purposes within SCHOA.

NO TRESPASSING - Please remember the pool, tennis court and basketball court are our facilities and not a public summer resort. You pay to maintain these facilities. Guests must always be accompanied by the resident. We've had quite a few situations where people from the surrounding area have had to be asked to leave our facilities. If we question you about your residence while using the association facilities, it is because we don't recognize you and are only trying to protect your investment. Please help the board try to make sure that only fellow Sycamore Creek residents are using our facilities. Don't just open the pool gate for someone, make them use their key. Remember we pay literally thousands of dollars each year to maintain these facilities and you have a right to protect your interest.

HOSE IT - Dirt seems to adhere to the textured surface of the condos' exterior vinyl siding. The association does not provide this cleaning - however, each resident is encouraged to simply hose down the outside of their unit occasionally. It only takes a few minutes and the dirt rolls right off!


revised 9/06.

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